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ATL -> NOLA -> DC. I have a dog.


"All in all I Iost my virginity five times. After Tyler, there was Sam, then Zach, then Brandon. All nice boys. All virgins. By the time graduation rolled around, I’d “seriously” dated them all in order to fuck them. Like Tyler, each one needed me to be a virgin, too, in order to fuck me."

This piece is so necessary.

On Periods: Let’s put this shit to bed right now: Women don’t lose their minds when they have period-related irritability. It doesn’t lower their ability to reason; it lowers their patience and, hence, tolerance for bullshit. If an issue comes up a lot during “that time of the month,” that doesn’t mean she only cares about it once a month; it means she’s bothered by it all the time and lacks the capacity, once a month, to shove it down and bury it beneath six gulps of willful silence.

Shakesville: Feminism 101 (via andotherdoublemeanings)


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And when we have our periods our ‘male’ hormone (testosterone) is actually at its highest level…soooooo…

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^ not actually true, testosterone peaks when you ovulate (x).  you don’t need testosterone to not tolerate bullshit, either.  passivity is socialized in women, not a result of biology.

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Why did he hesitate this one time? It doesn’t make sense! Hateeeeeee

Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind.


"I applied a lot of the same principles I used in hockey into my acting. I might have had some naive ambitions of making the NHL, but thank God, playing hockey gave me a good foundation for everything else."


Friday night plans

Friday night plans


Fernand Fonssagrives 1934


Fernand Fonssagrives 1934


life hack: u dont have to be a wolf to yell sad noises at the moon

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